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About Me.

My wife and I owned and operated a successful member-based business for 10 years. I was able to turn a hurting, struggling martial arts and fitness facility into a thriving success, respected in the community as the leader in child martial arts and development in a small country town north of Fort Worth, Texas.

Because of my background, I understand the needs and frustrations of the small business owner and how important marketing is to the life of a business. Early in my professional career I realized words matter when it comes to capturing the attention of your ideal client and positioning you as an industry expert.

Now, I want to help as many businesses get their message out to right audience, at the right time, and with the right solution. People want what you have, you just need to be found and make a connection!

What My Clients Say...

Blas is Amazing!


Blas Carrasco is amazing! His copywriting skills added a much-needed personal touch to our martial arts/fitness websites. His background in martial arts gave the tone of the content a fresh perspective to reach our potential clientele in a new way. I highly recommend Blas and will definitely be using his services again.

Joseph Edmondson - Martial Arts/Fitness Business Owner

Blas is the man!


"Honestly, this is a no-brainer. No more thoughtless, last-minute emails that don't sell. I've been using email marketing for years and it sells well if you have the right people writing them.I've known Blas for years now and this guy knows his stuff. I don't trust my email in anyone else's hands.I 100% trust this man to write emails for my Full time 230+ student Jiu-Jitsu Academy!" - Bill Jones

Bill Jones - Martial Arts Business Owner

Blas' Emails Are Legit!


"Blas' emails are legit I sent them out and got 10 paid trials over a few days. just sent them out no thinking. you should do it it's a no-brainer. just got another 3 today from the last one so now I'm up to 13 from all the emails he wrote." - Adrian De Silva (This was in response to sales series)

Adrian DeSilva - Martial Arts Business Owner

Blas Has An Amazing Ability!


Blas has an amazing ability to convert the thoughts in your head that you want to tell your audience into eloquent and inspiring messages. He continually works to break up the monotony and be diverse in his approach. He is always available to communicate and go back and forth with ideas. He can be funny, sentimental, inspiring, inclusive, and aggressive in his messages.

Rick Gonzalez - Business Owner


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