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Hire me as your copy and content writer for email, web-copy, and blogs.

My clients are experts in their industry and I'm an expert in mine. I'm their secret weapon, the conjurer of emotionally captivating messages, stories, and sales copy.  The result? (dramatic drum roll) Increased sales, deeper customer relationships, and a loyal and ravenous fan base.

If you provide a service or product that is genuinely good for someone. Solving that aching "pain" in their life that has them sleepless at night, then you owe it to them to make sure they see, consume, and feel your message down in the depths of their belly.

So much so, the very thought of them giving their "benjamins" to anyone else seems ludicrous.

What needs to happen in order for us to work together?

  • A minimum $1,500 (monthly) budget to get started.
  • A minimum 3 month commitment.
  • Time to schedule a call and discuss your business needs.
  • I'm also available for one off project work (email me for more details)
  • If you're ready to connect email me at:

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