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Below you will find a direct link to a blog entry for a client in the traditional martial arts industry. If you poke around you'll find that we are still editing older posts that were migrated over from an old website that no longer exists.  

The links provided are for completed posts.  Enjoy! 

Example #1: How to Choose the Right Martial Arts School

Example #2: Top 5 Health Benefits of Adult Martial Arts Classes

Why Are Blogs Important?

Blogs can be a very powerful tool for your business if done right.  On the surface having a consistent and well written blog does two things:

First, it further positions you as the industry expert and over time will build trust with your intended audience. The second "surface" level benefit to a good blog is that it continues to develop the relationship with your audience who consist of prospects, leads, and current clients/customers. 

There are a few blogs that I look forward to reading because they are important to me and I've become a fan and paying customer. The same can happen for you and your business.   

The "unseen" beneficial layer to having a well written blog is it now becomes another way for you to drive traffic to your website.  If done correctly, with researched SEO and quality content, Google will love what you have to say and if done consistently, your website will have a far better chance of being seen.  Many people will overlook this aspect of their website and thus not reap the full benefits of a well maintained blog.

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